An Introduction

I'm Erin, or Wei, or Weiwei
(username backstory: my sister always says "Hi, Wei" when she answers a call from me and then people ask her why she's talking about highways on the phone)

Taiwanese American born November 11, living in California.
Languages: English, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese (still learning), Korean (very little, want to learn)

What I like: Art, reading, music, inspiration.
What I wish I could do: Sing, socialize, inspire.

I am an avid fan of Asian pop: Shinee, f(x), EXO, Infinite, NEWS, 张芸京 (Zhang Yun Jing),Super Junior-M, etc.
But I also like: Most music genres honestly, American bands that aren't old enough to be classic yet have already died (see: The Academy Is..., Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, Panic! at the Disco—though they haven't died yet)

My favorite famous people: Do Kyungsoo, Kim Jongin, Huang Zi Tao, Lee Taemin, Lee Jinki, Kim Myungsoo, Zhang Yun Jing, Amber Liu, Brendon Urie, Rooney Mara, but also many others

Other places to find me: k-pop dedicated tumblr // inspiration tumblr // deviantART

Other facts:
I have a sister (skudge) and am going off to the same college as her soon, but for a very different major.
I tend to have trouble in overly-crowded places, yet I find that I can't stop touching people.
I also have trouble socializing and opening up.
I think I have so many problems in my head and am utterly unique, but then I tell myself that everyone is exactly the same so I should stop thinking so highly of myself.

Feel free to friend me, but if you do, please comment on this post so I have some idea of who you are.

Apathy (again)

After successfully finishing a drawing I started last year, skipping graduation, and planning my college schedule, I am now too busy lazing around to start any of the other things I had planned for this magical, end-of-high-school-but-before-college-months-filled-with-hazy-days-and-marijuana summer (Not that I'm ~cool enough for pot), such as but not limited to:

Learning guitar (I should really use that nice acoustic in the corner of my room), playing piano, drawing more than I ever have before, experimenting with painting, cleaning my room, becoming more organized, reading new books, getting out of the house, socializing, not becoming a hermit.

But that's okay right? I'll get to it eventually.

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Really, these are already posted on my deviantART page (a link!), but I have very little to blog about as of yet, so, I figured I might as well.

Sketches, doodles?

School started a few weeks ago now, and last week I decided that if I was going to be bored during boring classes I should use my time wisely. Meaning, not doing my many weeks worth of Calculus homework but sketching random things instead.

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My sketch book is finally getting some use after how many years? XD I figure if I just keep drawing they'll eventually get better. Or theoretically, they will improve.